Science of How Regular Exercise Makes Sex Better

regular exercise sex benefits

There are numerous benefits to regular exercise. One of the most motivating benefits is that regular exercise makes sex better. Lets begin with your very genetic makeup. We all have thousands of genes and only so many of them are being expressed based on what we do in life.

What I mean by the “expression” of genes is if we have genes (or information) that can be “activated” that currently are not activated, we can do so through things like physical activity. Both exercise and specific diets put “positive stress” on the body which makes the body perform and function better in order to adapt to that stress.

Expression of Your Best Genetics

Here’s interesting scenario to better explain the expression of genetics. A normally fit healthy guy/girl decides to not exercise at all, eat poorly and live a sedentary life for a few months. The results are weight gain, lack of energy and poor physical appearance (hair, skin, nails). This also drastically lowers testosterone in both sexes, a critical sex hormone.

All of that information is communicated (by appearance and smell) to the opposite sex who are looking for compatible mates. That information tells them (in this scenario) that person isn’t healthy and probably not the best to reproduce with.

Flip the scenario around where that guy/girl exercising a few times a week and eating healthy foods. The results are more energy, healthier physical appearance (better hair, brighter, clearer skin and healthier nails). Muscles display strength (something most women and some men look for). These are all things that we either consciously of sub-consciously look for.

A toner body suggests they are more adapt to survival. In men, being physically active increases testosterone levels. All of this information is being communicated to potential/compatible mates through that (physical and pheromone) expression of your genetics.

Improved Blood Flow = Better Orgasms

This reason alone is enough to get everyone into fitness. Regular exercise has been proven to improve cardiovascular function. When your heart is stronger it pumps blood more effectively. The more blood you have in your genitals during sex (this goes for both men and women)… the more sensitive, explosive and satisfying the orgasm will be.

Your genitals contain all of the very sensitive nerve endings that send information to both your body and brain. The more blood flow you have to those areas, the more sensitive and functional those areas will be. exercise improving body

The more sensitive those areas to stimulation, the more stimulation is recieved resulting in better orgasms.

So if your physically primed through exercise with a very healthy cardiovascular system your body can achieve better orgasms with less information (stimulation) and can achieve “amazing” levels with even more stimulation.

The healthier and stronger your heart is, the more improved blood flow you have. Better blood flow is key to amazing orgasms for both men and women. We all know that weight is linked to heart health.

For women, it has been shown that higher levels of abdominal fat are linked to a decrease in ability to orgasm.

For guys, this is very important for stronger erections and improved sexual function. She’ll appreciate it more than you do, trust me on this one.

Endurance/Stamina – Not Just for Sports

If you have developed endurance for whatever sport or fitness activity you do… its very likely that same stamina can be used in the bedroom as well. If your in top shape, your heart is good, muscles are strong and lungs are healthy there isn’t much that can slow you down or get you tired. Sex is another fitness activity where stamina improves your performance.

That strength you’ve developed from endurance can also translate into better positions and holding those positions longer. You less likely to cramp up, get tired or feel pain. Both sexes also enjoy feeling some strength behind their partner’s movements. Don’t believe me? A lot of sexual fantasies for both women and some men involve a physically powerful, dominant character. Everybody likes to switch it up. For some, that’s what works for them.

Sex and Healing

In return, sex can also help the body heal. We all know that a more rested sleep helps the body heal better and many of us can testify that the best sleep of our lives/coma… has been after sex.

The reason we are more relaxed is due to a couple of factors. After orgasm, oxytocin is released which also causes the body to release endorphins. As a result both the body and mind are relaxed, blood flow is improved and tension is relieved.

When pain is relieved the body heals better and faster. The science behind all pain relief products in the past decade proves that a reduction in pain makes for better healing. It has also been shown that pain management is key to recover post surgery. I do not suggest having sex after surgery… that’s probably a terrible idea. It was more to point out that we know there is a link between pain management and healing.

So it all comes full circle. We exercise and make sex better and have sex to help recover from exercise.

We know that when tension (stress), inflammation are relieved and blood flow is improved… the body is allowed to work better on a cellular level. When the body is allowed to work better it can heal better. This combined with good sleep can help heal the body after all the physical stress we have been putting it through in exercise and weight lifting. So long as your injuries are not worsened by physical activity because lets admit it… there is a lot of physical activity involved in great sex… it can be an important part of the healing process. Cue the song “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.

So it all comes full circle. We exercise and make sex better and have sex to help recover from exercise.


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